Tuba & Euphonium: The Individual & The Ensemble

"The Tuba and Euphonium: The Individual & the Ensemble" covers a wide range of topics, including a brief history of the tuba, followed by basic instruction o...

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Comment by Russ Weaver on July 28, 2017 at 9:08am

Start at 1:08 to save time as these facts are stated later in the video.  History Section.

History of Euphonium begins at 4:52    Germany at 1830

Tuba Quartet Performance at 9:53  Yellow Submarine

Performance Fundamentals

Posture Lesson Begins at 11:21  Moving Large Quantities of Air

Performance:  Sousaphone and Piano 23:43 "Sarastro's Aria" from O Isis and Osiris by Mozart

Breathing Lesson 26:08 

Performance on the mouthpiece:  33:19  then on the Tuba 33:53.  Very nice.

Embouchure 34:34  2/3rd Upper and 1/3 Lower  Visualizer lesson.  

Tone Production 35:55  Tee-Aah  Tah-eee    Mouthpiece Exercises  Excerpt:  Holst Suite in F.  

                                                                  Thin sound example and a projected sound example.

Articulation  43:56  All Articulations including double and triple tonguing on low brass instruments.

Practice Routine  57:09  

Performance:  57:37 Suite for Tuba  by Don Haddad


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