Using as your browser's default homepage at school.

Thank-you so much for you individual feedback regarding the differences between what you see at home on and what you see at school on The reasons are varied and many, and it has to do with everything from your machine, your software version, your operating system and especially your servers and the guys prohibiting things from getting to teachers on the front lines.
Many members have overcome the "IT" difficulties by simply requesting that be placed on their districts "O.K." list or their "unblock" list. Other solutions include updating the flash player as well as your system software. As a good rule of thumb, the more current your "everything" is, the better off you are going to be. It really pays off to ask your computer specialist to spend a bit of their time getting to your desktop.
The easiest way is to make the website your default homepage. This action itself can have very positive effects on the educational "weight" of the site in the eyes of your district. If they see it being used, they (most of the time) can allow specific privileges which, in turn, will free up some of the specific aspects of the site.
For instance, in my district, YouTube is banned by the school district as well as any Chat-type of websites. All of the other aspects of work great, but in order to use either of these two features, I must be at home. Even without them, it is still the best resource out there and even now, I have my district looking into allowing those restrictions off of my IP address, in order for me to more effectively teach. If enough teachers on the front lines start using the latest and easiest technology to teach with, the message will be received and the paradigm will change.
So far, many directors have had success stories with various aspects of and many have had very little change. Rest assured that GHN is working on ways to allow each of us better access to essential content from this professional site and as time presses on, there will be more availability. Especially if you put your district's "IT" people on this task.
Please, now, use this blog to speak about aspects of that either work or don't work through your district and let's share "how" to solve these minor problems. GHN will be monitoring this particular blog to see what the troubles might be and perhaps reply with a solution. Please also consider having your tech people contact GHN through either this blog or the GHN page (member #1) of with their tech questions. Let the blogging begin.

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Comment by Russ Weaver on November 28, 2008 at 1:54pm
We are working on a way around the YouTube issues that everyone has been discussing. Please remember that you are welcome to upload your own videos at no charge. Just make sure to support the sponsors by checking them out.
Comment by Russ Weaver on November 8, 2008 at 8:22pm
We have received messages from you and have removed the "chat" section from the main page, leaving the "chat" page in place. This seemed to help some folks' IT people and cleared up a few problems. Please post here in this blog, any "fixes" that your computer guys say are needed and we will try and incorporate them into the site's code.



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