Technology Resources for Addressing: Rhythm, Note Names, and Fingerings

I have boiled instrumental music production down to three components: Rhythm, Note Names, and Fingering. This is not some new concept but rather an attempt by me to categorize a child’s poor performance into one of the three elements. I need to develop a list of websites that help reinforce each of the three areas I have listed. These need to be interactive and provide instant feedback to the student. I want to add these resources to my band’s website so I can encourage my students to work on a targeted skill at home and in the classroom’s workstation. I only have a couple that I’m aware of and will list them below with a brief description. Please send me your great links so I can provide more opportunities for success for my students.



Rhythm Non interactive, great for sight-reading and use in a group setting.

Note Names Interactive

Fingerings Interactive (Brass Instruments Only)


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Comment by Laura K. Hartman on August 16, 2011 at 2:28pm

I discovered the link/website below when I was researching for a technology course I took this summer.  It assesses many of the items you're looking for, and the students can print out their results.  I have thought about the paper war this might create, and thought maybe they could just send me their results somehow.  I'll need to look into that in some way.  Anyway, there are more links on the bottom of the page so you can create your own exercises.  A few are free, but most come with a fee.

Comment by Kaci Cotter on May 16, 2011 at 8:47am is GREAT!!!  I use it with my beginners all the time!


Also, try looking into Music Ace Maestro.  It's pretty basic, but does help to reinforce the concepts you are talking about.  Dividing up my kids into teams and having them "compete" helps the motivation factor, too.

Comment by Jon Young on April 10, 2011 at 12:38am


There are worksheets and games on there that i intro in class.  The kids love to get to play the games.  Sometimes I let them "earn" a few minutes on a Friday.  

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