Teaching the Concert Bb Chromatic Scale: A fun and successful approach!

Hello All,


If you have ever struggled with the process of teaching the chromatic scale (especially dealing with the clarinet alternate fingerings,) you might want to take a minute to look at the attachment.


My co-teacher, Mr. Chris Demarco, created a very profitable training sheet for the Concert Bb Chromatic Scale. The students thoroughly enjoyed learning the scale.


Please share different approaches you have found helps to keep the students interested in learning scales. I'm always looking for new approaches to "keep the fires burning."

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It looks great! I think I will try it very soon. I have been looking for a good assessment tool on the chromatic scale, and this is great because it breaks it up into small bits, AND teaches them to read sharps and flats.


Hey Pamela,

Thank you so much for posting this. It seems like a really great way to teach the chromatic scale to students. Do you think Mr. Demarco would be willing to post the parts for the entire band?

Thanks Greg!


I will search, find the files and upload them.  Chris DeMarco said it would be fine to do so.  Give me a day or two.  Pam


Greetings!  Gregory, with a nice comment like that, I decided I'd better get this done as soon as possible.  I think I met my promise deadline!

I have tried five or six times to upload the chromatic cells music to this message and all that happens is the message appears (of which I keep deleting,) because there is no attachment. 

As of two days ago I opened an online website for music teachers: elementary general music, middle school general music and band.  I have uploaded two complete files of the chromatic cells for all to enjoy - free of charge: the files that Chris DeMarco created as well as another copy of the same files, but changed to be printed using Finale's AlphaNotes.  The AlphaNotes version allows the students to see the enharmonic name of the pitches they are playing.  Since the chromatic scale seems to be hard for students, especially since they don't have a full understanding of alternate fingerings and enharmonic pitches, I thought using this approach might be productive for those of you who are teaching the young students. Both files are on my homepage included in the "Recent Products" section.  Just scroll down and you will see them.  Of course, I'd love for you to take a look at other band products as well.  My specialty is creating music that teaches (and focuses) on band concepts that young students must learn.  Enjoy! Let me know the results of using products from my website.  Pamela Rezach  Website:  schoolmusicbypam.com


I know this thread is a year old now, but I thought I would reply and see what happens!  I have tried to find your website but cannot seem to find it.  Has your website address changed? Are you still running the site?  I am specifically looking for the chromatic scale sheets created by Chris Demarco but would love to take a look at the other resources you offer. Thanks so much.





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