I would love to know what kind of rhythm work you all do with your middle school bands.  Any particular method books or exercises that you've had success with?  

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The rhythm exercises and percussion ensembles in the back of "Measures of Success" are very well done.  Brian and his team really thought through the middle school expectations and created some very nice materials. 

Thank you for the reply!

It's been a few years since I've participated on the website. I created a series of what I refer to as "training band" files.  I found them to be very beneficial when introducing new concepts to my middle school bands.  I wrote them in unison and in familiar keys so the students could totally focus on the new concept. I will upload one file so you can view it as a sample: Dotted quarter notes.  Feel free to print and use it with your bands.  If you use it and like how your students respond, feel free to request the other files. These are the files I have prepared: 6/8 Etudes; Eighth note followed by dotted quarter note; Finding dynamic levels; Fun with Fermatas; It's time to Cut Time; Mixed up Sixteenths; Sixteenths in pairs on Downbeat; and Sixteenths in pairs on upbeats; (They may be uploaded somewhere else on this site.  I can't remember if I shared them or not.)  I will also upload the instructions concerning why I created these files and how I used them. Respectfully, Pamela Rezach


Thank you so much Pamela!  I agree - method books jump around from concept to concept too quickly.  I'll try these after break!


In defense of publishers who create the method books: I understand they have only so much space in which to in-corporate the concepts that need to be included in the method books.  I am not condemning them.  But, the lack of repetition when introducing new concepts presents a problem; therefore, because the publishers are limited, I decided to create these files as supplemental work to boost the knowledge and practical application of my students. Respectfully, Pamela Rezach

I agree with you - I don't mean to diminsh the effectiveness of the concepts presented in the method books or the work that the author(s) do.  I myself use Standard of Excellence and find many useful aspects in the book especially in book 2, but I too supplement with other exercises.

Thanks again,



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