I am looking for some suggestions concerning quality lesson plans while we are attending the FMEA conference.

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1. Sub who has been groomed to your program... these are worth their weight in gold. We use our adjuncts as subs.
2. Student conductors/officers who will direct the rehearsal if there is no trained substitute. Simply run pieces for continuity, and overall picture.
3. Solo and Ensemble input and double checking. We post ours on the wall and it is up to the student to double check their entry numbers and pieces, as well as accompanists.
4. Emergency lesson plans on the main page of MS
5. Pass out FBA large group assessment sheets and have students view any of the Japanese Elementary school band videos or the middle school ones (sometimes a bit depressing as they are so great). Have officers collect and grade according to either complete or incomplete.
6. Train your student leaders on how to do the "welcome back, get to know you" activity with handouts that is available in the forums... print and organize; takes 20-30 minutes and is fun for the students. Leaders will need some explanation as to how to "guide" the process. It's really very easy and get's them thinking.
7. 20 questions, music edition. Leave cards... most subs can handle this as well as student leaders. Cards like.... Trumpet, Music Stand, Director's Baton etc... easy nouns to start with. Only rule, the student only gets to ask Yes or No questions of the class. Tape the card to their back and have fun. This really gets them thinking about logic and music.



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