Director share successful fund-raising ideas for MS aged students.

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These look amazing.  How's the response each year?  Did you have to get approval from your administration for these?  How long has your program been raising funds in this way.

How and when did you collect the items and then who delivered them or did the groups you donated to pick them up? 

I love this idea!! 

Our music boosters club sells "dress down  day" wristbands.  Our middle school has uniforms, and with the wrist band they can wear regular clothes for one day only.  They can only wear the wristband on the alloted day.


We'll also do facepainting and photos at the valentines dance, I'll post about that if I remember.


Nancy Cowan


These sound great.  What kind of monies are we talking about for these types of fundraisers?  Members may be interested in how much you all charge for the wrist bands as well as the frequency of events and total benefit to the program.

Our middle school has around 500 students.  We sold the wristbands for $2 each.  We made $700.  We can only do this once this year, the PTO wants to do it too (plus we got a late start).  Next year we may be able to do it 2 or three times.  We bought the wristbands from a party supply store that sells popcorn and snow cone type stuff. 



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