Hi everyone,

If you were able to attend Midwest, then you know about the incredible turnout we have had for "Measures of Success," our new beginning band method. If you have not yet seen it, I invite you to visit our website where you can register for a comp copy, see more info, and even here an incredible demonstration of the accompaniment tracks that come with it. I certainly hope you enjoy it - we have had incredible feedback about these accompaniments!

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"Comp copy?" Were we supposed to grab one? I would love to have a comp copy of this great new book. How would members go about receiving their copy? Will they be available at FMEA for the Florida folks?
Really nice job on this method, by the way.


I believe they will be at FMEA. And if directors go to www.fjhmusic.com/mos, they can sign up for a comp copy right there. Easy as pie! Thanks for the kind words on the method. 6 years of planning on this - so it's great to see such an incredible turnout for it.

Looks great - I am looking forward to getting my comp copy.

I have a question - does it come with the "sample SmartMusic" a la EE2000, or will using SmartMusic instead of the Accompaniment CD require a subscription?

Hi Tyson - great question. When EE2000 came out, SmartMusic was trying to increase their market share and visibility, so they made a deal with Hal Leonard to offer a sample of the method for directors to use and included all the software, etc. on the CDs. Since that time, they are no longer doing that as they are now quite visible. However, it is my understanding that they are going to be "upgrading" their online software this summer. In doing so, it may offer us the chance to make the first 50-100 lines or so available for free. We are still checking into that. Obviously, this will be a very important component for a lot of people who are looking to utilize our incredible background tracks to their fullest capabilities. Thanks for the great question!
Hey guys. When will Measures of Success be available in Smartmusic 2011?
Hi Julian - the programming for SmartMusic 2011 is already complete. They are just checking it for accuracy. My guess is that it should be finalized in the next couple of weeks, maybe sooner. You can contact them directly for a more exact date, but I know we're just about ready to go. They were waiting to release 2011 before making it official, so it shouldn't be long at all!


We are making the switch this year! 

Thanks again for this amazing method book!


I am doing research for my M.A. in Music Ed. in the treatment of percussion in beginning band method books. If you will send me a copy of all percussion books for Measures of Success, I will be happy to include it. I am hoping to publish the findings.


Steve Harris

6301 57th Avenue N

St. Petersburg, FL 33709

Hi Steve,

I apologize for my delay. I have not been good about keeping up with websites lately! Please let me know if you would still like a copy. If so, send me an email to brianb@fjhmusic.com and I'll be sure to forward it so you can get it in a timely manner.

All te best,




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