I have new administration.  They have decided we need to submit detailed and specific lesson plans relating to Sunshine State Standards and/or National Standards in music.  Anyone have any good formats or templates to use?

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Sorry to be so long in replying Tracy. Just highlight what you generally do each day. While it is only an outline, it makes my administration happy. Thanks to Kelly for posting this. For some reason, the 12 year old HP that the school provides for us to use is a little outdated.

I know this hasn't been active for a while, but I think it would be interesting to see what others do. I start with a whole year sketch then break it down by 9 week sequences (we have 4 quarters) then I have yet to make my daily plans, it will make my daily plans easy to create. Each week will start with a Team Target and it will be the focus for the week. Daily plans will include learning targets, 1-3 specific skills they will attain before class is over. I create forms but I fill them out manually as I find it easier and I'm still attached to 'paper/pencil' processing. 


Hey Joyce.

Congrats!  You have the highest viewed posting on the network.  Wonder if we can get some more templates posted.  


Greetings to all: I am substituting for a high school technology teacher.  Her lesson plans have been so easy to follow! (I wish I would have seen them before I retired.) Never-the-less, I made a template (sample) based upon the lesson plans she has provided during my long term position. I am uploading it. I will upload a PDF, just in case the .doc doesn't look right when you open it. I will also upload the .doc so you can make adjustments to it for your own situation.  Enjoy! Pamela Rezach




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