I have new administration.  They have decided we need to submit detailed and specific lesson plans relating to Sunshine State Standards and/or National Standards in music.  Anyone have any good formats or templates to use?

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If you find any, I would certainly love to have them. I did, however, upload the intro to my lesson plans that has served me well over my career. It is on the main page under lesson plans and available for download.
I have a template that I created that is being used by over 200 band directors in Texas. I would be happy to share and allow you to post it on here. Aubrey

This sounds great.  Would love to check it out.


Please let me know if you need any help uploading to this forum.



Hi Aubrey,

Can you email your lesson plan template?  I would like to see it.




I would also love to see your template.  Was it ever posted on this website?  If not can you email me a copy?


Any chance you can upload the template?

I would like a copy of this template as well....any chance you can post it?




Could you please send me a copy!  I would love to do something new!

Thank you!


I can't seem to get the template to load. If you will send me an e-mail at williama@greenvilleisd.com, I can forward it to you.
I would love to have the template as well. My template is not working so great for me! matt_c8307@yahoo.com
here is what he sent me...he said he was having a hard time getting it to upload.  Let me see if I can do it.

Goodmorning Kelley and Joyce,

I looked over the attachment template and can see where it could be useful to satisfy

the requirements of what the school administration wants. It looks like the template could work as a review and quick reminder of what the director currently wants to focus on. So it is useful.


At the same time, speaking as a retired director, I often felt that some of the administrative

requirement cloak burdens needed to be worn lightly because I was well aware that what I had indicated on paper was not what actually happened in class.And so I would abandon my "well laid plans." Don H



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