There are so many options for mouthpieces these days. I prefer to start horn players on a nice "middle of the road" mouthpiece. Most of my students begin on a Holton Farkas MC. Nothing extreme here, just a good all around mouthpiece. The Schilke 32 is very similar. Faxx Mouthpieces are copies of well known mouthpieces. The Faxx-MC is a copy of the Holton MC. I have not used one, but I am told the quality is very good and the price is about 30% less.

While a bit more expensive, I have grown to like the Laskey 70E. Once again, similar to the MC, and a good all around choice. The Yamaha, Conn, Atkinson...ect. mouthpieces that come standard with their horns are good choices also. I have played these, however I am not familiar with their nomenclature.

This is no means a definitive list. I would love to hear about successes you have had with other mouthpieces.

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I agree with you, and I like the Holton Farkas so much I still play on an MDC. I've tried so many mouthpieces over the years, and even bought a Stork O5 at the workshop in July, I keep coming back to the Holton Farkas because it is a good, all around mouthpiece, just as you said. It's good for everyone.
I guess great minds think alike :-) I still play on the Holton Farkas MC, and that's what I have my beginners use.
Just a bit of perspective here from a non-hornist...

How could any non-hornist look at this page of beautiful postings and bank on using any other mouthpiece?
If it works for horn players, it should work for the majority of players out there, if nothing else it is a great place to start.

Farkas MC is my mouthpiece of choice on all my student horns, for the students that can't afford it I will try the Faxx-MC from now on.

Thanks to Ed, Aimee and Dave for their conrtibutions... they certainly have helped to refocus everyone on this issue.


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