I was wondering if you guys had run across any tunes that would work well in an honor band setting.  I am looking for some new tunes to try at these clinics.  Thanks.



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Rain by Balmages always works...

(audience participation)

That is a really beautiful piece.  How and when do you add the audience.  I didn't see in the score anywhere that it was indicated.  Is that something that you added?





Finger snaps to simulate rain, usually on the last note, then let it die out.  It can be covered in the opening remarks to get folks to close their eyes and feel the music.


Snakes is another sure fire piece, it's good if you have taught it before as it takes a bit of practice.  Tom Duffy (MS member)


Gallop to end all Gallops is fun if you need something fast.


I'll have a bunch more when solo and ensemble festival is over this weekend... we're hosting.  Argh.



Solo and Ensemble is such a blast!  :-)



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