Does your high school feeder directors come down to your schools often? Or at all? 

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HS Directors from the finest programs across the World tend to spend time instilling expectations and motivation in all potential new band members.  Frequency varies but the more visits the better in my opinion. 

Our situation was quite unusual. 6 elementary schools (to 8th grade) and one H.S.  All bands rehearsed in the H.S. band room, some during the day, some before/after hours. So we 3 directors were pretty much in constant contact. We all usually went on the Sr. Band trip and I did the Sr. Jazz Band though mostly my job was elementary and some Jr. High. It was really fun to have kids in my HS Jazz Band that I started 4-7 years earlier. It was a really good situation, so it wasn't a case of making a special visit to confer with the HS Director. It was also 500 miles North of Winnipeg.



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