3 Reasons Why the “Selected Studies” book by H. Voxman Is Killing Your Band Program

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Be interested to know any reasons that this book is "Killing" programs.  For my private students it is a wonderful collection of etudes that thoughtfully covers a wide range of clarinet issues, thus preparing advanced students for collegiate activities.  Many States also use it for All-State auditions.  Curious.  

The link mentions dying Band Programs. Where? They're not dying in Manitoba to my knowledge and readings. Why single out Voxman? What about all those other books private teachers have used with students all those decades ago. To be honest, I have been amazed since I began teaching (1977) that Band Programs still exist in today's (and in 1980's) technological world. Sports and other extra curricular activities were just as prevalent in 1977 as they are in 2019. But the technological gadgets didn't exist back then. Bands seem to keep rolling on. One could easily argue that kids may not relate to the Voxman in 1977 as well. The old books are still good. I started private lessons in 1964 with a book called Foundation to Clarinet Playing. Still have it (well, most of it....).

I studied at the University of Iowa with Dr. Voxman and appreciate your comments.


Perhaps you could suggest the appropriate middle school books that make everything relevant and are more accessible?

Middle School programs here in Florida don't much get to the Selected Studies book as our HS All-State 9-10 materials come from Rubank Advanced Vol. 2 typically and the 11-12 will occasionally come from Selected Studies.

I would be curious as to the States/Localities that are having MS students use SS.





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