Is there anyone out there teaching band as part of the MYP (middle years programme from Geneva)? 
If so, I would be very interested in seeing how you lay out your course and rubrics. I get a lot of grief over my band program not being MYP but being performance oriented instead.  


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Can you tell us more about this program?
You can see all about the program here:

All 3 (music, visual art, drama) of the different arts are marked with the same marking criteria:

Criteria A: Knowledge and Understanding
1. demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the art form studied in relation to societal, cultural, historical and personal contexts
2. demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the elements of the art form studied, including specialized language, concepts and processes
3. communicate a critical understanding of the art form studied in the context of their own artwork.

Criteria B: Application
1. develop an idea, a theme or a personal interpretation to a point of realization, expressing and communicating their artistic intentions
2. apply skills, techniques and processes to create, perform and/or present art.

Criteria C: Reflection and Evaluation
1. reflect critically on their own artistic development and processes at different stages of their work
2. evaluate their work
3. use feedback to inform their own artistic development and processes.

Criteria D: Personal Engagement
1. show commitment in using their own artistic processes
2. demonstrate curiosity, self‑motivation, initiative and a willingness to take informed risks
3. support, encourage and work with their peers in a positive way
4. be receptive to art practices and artworks from various cultures, including their own.

I'm trying to accomplish all of the above in 12 weeks each year. Starting in grade 7 band, moving through to Grade 10 band. It would certainly be easier to do with a general music program, which is what some people believe I should be teaching. However, many students are enjoying playing instruments, and the administration is obviously behind it, since they've invested several thousand in new instruments. It's just the assignments and marking that I'm having issues with in Criteria A especially.

Oh I should add, this is the first year of a band program at this school, so each grade level is doing 'beginner band'. Music is not an option until Grade 10. So Grade 7-8-9, everyone has to learn an instrument, whether they want to or not.

I need to try and spark the students' interest, so they don't turn my class into a battle ground.
These are very similar to what we call the Florida Sunshine State Standards (SSS's). We add them to our lesson plans as we cover the items listed above. I believe most States has similar types of general standards which are reinforced with benchmarks. Perhaps if you broke down your question into specific areas, members could offer up some suggestions.
How's the quest to get those lesson plans going?
Nothing has come up so far. I've decided that I'll just have to re-invent the wheel. It will be time consuming, but oh well.
HI Mandy! Were you able to develop some MYP Units? I'm also struggling to make this work with my middle school band classes. Thanks! Leif

Hi Leif! Wow! I haven't been on here in a long time. Yes, I did make it work, I'm no longer at that school, but can try to help you through the process if you'd like! 

Check out this website, it may also give you some ideas:

Thank you for sharing Mandy!



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