It is time consuming to google middle school band handbook for ideas, but everyone has probably done so. Only to find that there are over 20,000 postings and pdf's. Please share your favorite handbook links as well as your handbook practices here on this discussion and we can, perhaps, cut down time for everyone with regard to creating the very best band policies and delivery systems possible.

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Here's my Notebook (handbook)
Wow...That is a lot. Do you copy this for each student or just use it for yourself and online access?
Every student got their own 138 page book with a CDR with select videos that I snatched from cleanng and maintanace, chamber groups featuring their instrument and cool thing like Conra Bass Flute, DCI drum lines.

My school system has a print services department, I just uploaded it from home and like magic, I showed up at school the 1st day and boxes of the bound and ready to hand out books were there. I did have to copy the CD's and put them in the book, but we have a 10 CD copier at school. This was a big undertaking and this was the first year I did this. I'll most likley edit it for next year, but the hard work was the 1st edition.
Amazing notebook. Just went through it and am wondering if members who might like to use portions of the book might be able to get word versions to customize to their own programs?
Here is Fort Wayne's Southwest Allen County School Corporation Woodside Middle School Band Handbook.

Also, check out the trip booklet I use for our St. Louis Six Flags Festival Contest.

-Tony Strebig
Here is my Band Handbook for Folly Quarter Middle School in Ellicott City, Maryland. Many of the ideas contained herein are from my inspirational colleague Jeff Brodie (Burleigh Manor MS). Hope this book is of use to you.
My best,
Andy Spang
Amazing notebook. Just went through it and am wondering if members who might like to use portions of the book might be able to get word versions to customize to their own programs?
I look forward to browsing other band handbooks...I'm ALWAYS looking for ways to improve.
Russ - This is one of the best discussion areas of this site. Thanks again for your hard work. I would eventually like to go fully digital, too. I had our handbook posted on our school's website last year, but had lackluster response for merely reading purposes. I believe if there is no interaction (such as online forms, etc.) it can be dull, but at least its posted. My students received a hard copy this year, and it was stream-lined. I'll upload it soon.

What is "Charms" that you speak of? I am very interested in learning what this program is (cost, where you get it, who hosts it, etc.) and revamp my handbook again for next year.
I would like to implement a student leadership program this year (band officers, etc.). This type of program vaires from school to school. Some directors do not include it in their handbooks. I would like to include it in my band handbook but without re-inventing the wheel. Do any of you have, in print/copy, a band officer/leadership program in your program? If so, would you mind sharing that with me/us here.

Thank you.

Hey Dave,

I don't have mine digitized because I picked it up from a conference but I'll see if I can digitize it for you.  I basically have officer meetings once per week and these students have checklists of both daily and quarterly duties and they work together to split them up according to their strengths and interests.  They warm up the band each day, taking turns on the podium and represent the band at all public performances.  They narrate the programs or they select band members to do so and they lead by example, all officers are expected to audition for All-County and All-State.  These folks walk the walk and talk the talk, they are available for student tutoring and peer counseling, they moderate the chat group on charms and they organize parents on event nights.  



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