This forum is linked from the main page and is THE place for you to post your "finds" in the way of free quality concert band literature. There are pieces out there that are great pieces. If you have played them with your band and feel that everyone needs to know about them, please post them here.  Over 5000 hits so far.  Amazing.

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Steve Melillo offers concert band works on his website and you don't have to sign-up.

I should also mention that a director does not need the pad bass or other keyboards to perform the free stuff.

Here is a pretty cool site that has a great deal of content.

South Carolina Bands

Free chamber music for advanced middle school players as well as high school players. This is a great site.

I believe I've downloaded all of it! Some really nice stuff here, folks.

I wrote a very simple piece for Beginning Band (first concert) that went pretty well. Simple rhythms, etc. If you would like a copy, let me know. Not really looking into getting into the conducting thing...just trying to save my program some money!

"Storm Surge" by Paul Lemen

I really like the piece. Being from Hurricane I might have thrown in some trash can lids and other noise effects to really simulate a storm in So FL.

Could I possibly get a copy.

Sorry, I forgot to check on this site. I will send you a copy ASAP. Attached is the Finale File. If you cannot access it, let me know, and I will send you the pdf's of the piece.

BTW, if you have any suggestions on adding some more percussion effects in specific places, please feel free to offer them. This is my first exercise in conducting, so it is not to be considered a finished product.

Also, if you perform it, I would love to get a recording of your group playing it.


Is there a PDF version?

I downloaded earlier this fall and my students really like it. It's a short piece and works well to get them warmed up and listening to one another. It has many possibilities for expression, as well.

Thank you!
Glad you and your students enjoy "Adrift". I'm going to expand the work to make it appropriate for young band festival use sometime in the next few months.

"Adrift" is a fantastic piece. Thank you for sharing this download. My students love it!

Here is a link to some free Brass Quintet Literature.  Some of it is playable by MS.

I wrote this band piece, "More Cowbell Please" for grade 1.5 concert band.  You are welcome to use it, any feedback would be great!




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