This forum is linked from the main page and is THE place for you to post your "finds" in the way of free quality jazz band literature. There are pieces out there that are great pieces. If you have played them with your band and feel that everyone needs to know about them, please post them here.

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Free MS jazz charts are available at

There are usually a few free charts available at:

They are a bit tougher for MS, but will work.


Here's a link for some free jazz charts. They are basic, get your band playing, charts. Each is different, you be the judge. The interviews on this site are worth listening to. Check them out as well.
If you are a member of the Jazz Education Network JEN) there are free charts involved here.
There is a group on as well.
Clicking on the JEN logo will take you to their site.

I feel that it is worth checking out, especially if you can get your district to pay for the
"professional organization" fees on a yearly basis.

Tom Kubis has one free chart at his website
Great Sax Player and Writer.
When he was in High School he would show up a Orange Coast College with a pecil written Big Band Chart once a week. ( Story from Doc Rutherofrd )
Here is the link to the Tom Kubis chart for everyone. It's a grade 4-5 chart on "I Ain't Got Nobody!" Really fun chart, strictly for HS players only because of the trumpet parts. Thanks Eddie!

Click Here for Tom's free chart.



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